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Entered: 12-Sep-2001
felix-aka-James Hamilton  
The name on my birth certificate is James Lee Hamilton. I was born one rainy evening on April 20, 1939, by kerosene lantern in Decatur, Mississippi. My family moved to a coupla places in Mississippi before my father got a job teaching agriculture at the High School level in North Carolina when I was around 2-3 years old. We moved several times in and around Eastern North Carolina before our family settled in Clinton, where we live now. My parents ended up with 5 children. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers.

I went to High School here, played some sports, worked a lot on my father's farm, hid away from all them eyes to read and give myself delusions of grandeur, graduated from H.S., and I joined the Navy after a short stint at college. After I was honorably discharged from the Navy, I attended East Carolina University and other colleges on and mostly off during the next 20 years and never got a degree.

I have been married twice, and have 3 legitimate children +. I was neither a good husband or father, or even a very useful member of any society that I'm aware of. I have had over 60+ jobs in my life in a variety of fields, in a lotta different locations around the U.S.. I dedicated my life to understanding the nature of things other than what seemed apparent, and apparently, unbeknownst to me, took some weird vow of poverty I may come to regret. Societies' response to that has been fair to middling. Miraculously, I don't have a police record, and even more miraculously I've only been in the insane asylum once, for thirty days. I volunteered. I had been accused of being crazy for so long I developed a yearning to see for myself, as has been habitual for my entire life. No stone unturned.

I adopted the name Felix, because I wanted to, when I was 32 years old. I got the name out of the back of a dictionary because it was Latin for happy and prosperous, of which I was neither at the time. I had hope and very little else. Others know me by other names cause I like to mess around with various personalities. I like felix. He has become happy, but prosperity is still truant.

This has been a kind of banner year for me. I joined eheshare and had some kindred spirits to write with, met and fell in love with Claudia Brown on eheshare, and retired at 62 to get a steady income. While steady, it ain't much, but I live very simply. I own my own house and property and am surrounded by idiots who make a lotta noise. But, we can't see each other because of the bushes left growing by two successive hurricanes which tore down my beloved pines. Good thing too, because in the summer I'm generally nakid.

I'm the only human who lives here, but my house is unfinished, just lak me, and serves as a home for numerous birds, chameleons, blue-tailed skinks, snakes of various native varieties, and a multitude of insects I don't have fixed names for. They come and go as I do. Mostly, we get along fine as long as they stay outta my bed. My house is junky. Most things live where I left 'em. It keeps the do-gooders in high arrest and self-appointed decorators itchy for a drawing board. Virgos sometime faint dead away. ;-)

I have written a lot of my experiences on eheshare. They're in the archives.



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