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Entered: 12-Apr-2002
April Alden  
I was born May of 1967. I was raised as a Southern Baptist preachers daughter. I grew up always thinking that I was different. As a young child I dreamed every night, and many, many times my dreams would happen. And at times I thought I was responsible for the bad events that took place afterwards. My father would get angry at me when I would go to him with my day/night "dreams". As I got older and into my 20's I experienced several psychic day and night dreams, or I would say things, out of the blue I had no intentions of saying and it would happen. For the past year everything has escalated. My brother Billy died Aug. 5th, 1999, and he left me tarot cards, all kinds of psi books, art, ect. I took my time to read and acknowledge these things, I guess I was too busy mourning. Then one day as I am watching television, and making out a grocery list I realized that something had taken over my pen and writing in big cursive letters hiapril. It was a little startling, and fascinating. This happened right after Christmas, everyday since one thing after another is happening. I now read thoughts, and this happens when I dont intend, or try, I no longer need or use a pen to communicate with the Spirit World I rub my leg. Now they want me to work with others and follow my path to some kind of Spiritual Journey. I have been trying to find out exactly what it is I have, or what is happening and why? Thank you for letting me share.


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