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The Unknown Guest: The Mystery of Intuition

Inglis, Brian, with West, Ruth & the Koestler Foundation

 The authors report on the results of a survey they conducted of experiences of the "unknown guest," or episodes that appear to transcend everyday realities and that "suggest design: as if some prompter in the wings is operating through our subconscious minds" (p. ix). Inglis concentrated his efforts on uncovering historic cases, whereas Ruth West handled the cases that were sent to the Koestler Foundation, which she directs. These experiences take many forms, and some of the major ones are covered by chapters in the book: "Daemon" (primarily experiences of guidance in well-known people beginning with Socrates), "The Muses" (experiences of authors, poets, musicians, artists, and visionaries), "Eureka!" (examples of invention, scientific creativity, and prodigies), "The Superconscious Self" (ESP, precognition, retrocognition, and clairvoyance), "Hallucinations" (visions, doubles, apparitions, voices, olfactory and tactile experiences), "Mind Over Matter" (levitation, weightlessness, and spontaneous forms of PK), "Synchronicity," and "The Oceanic Feeling." In the next to last chapter, the possibility of tapping the superconscious self without harming the conscious self is discussed, touching on dreams, OBEs, meditation, drugs, and divination. In the last chapter, "The Act of Creation," an evolutionary view is taken of the nature of the "unknown guest." The citations in the bibliography unfortunately omit mention of the publishers' names.
Publisher Information:London, England: Chatto & Windus, 1987. 224p. Bibl: 205-209; Ind: 217-224; Refs: 210-216
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