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Anomalous Experiences & Trauma: Current Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives

Laibow, Rima E., Sollod, Robert N., & Wilson, John P. (Eds.)

 TREAT, coined by Rima Laibow, stands for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma, which refers to techniques being developed by clinicians to assist "people who had experiences which required appropriate intervention but which lay outside the purview of ordinary medical, scientific or psychological paradigms" (p. v), such as UFO encounters and parapsychological phenomena. The papers are presented in three sections. The first is devoted to theoretical and conceptual issues and contains "Problems in the Scientific Study of Anomalous Experiences," by Henry H. Bauer; "The Relationship Between Evidence and Belief," by Charles D. Laughlin; "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Experienced Anomalous Trauma (EAT): Similarities in Reported UFO Abductions and Exposure to Invisible Toxic Contaminants," by John P. Wilson; "Social Psychological Analysis of EAT," by Robert L. Hall; and "The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: Past Research and Future Prospects," by Thomas E. Bullard. Section II, Research Evidence and Issues of Method, is presented in two parts. Part A is on Current Research Findings, and consists of "The Curious Coherency of UFO Abduction Report—Evidence or Illusion," by Thomas E. Bullard; "The Omega Project: A Comparative Study of Some Antecedents and After-Effects of Near-Death Experiences and UFO Encounters," by Kenneth Ring and Christopher J. Rosing; "Clinical Discrepancies Between Expected and Observed Data in Patients Reporting UFO Abductions: Implications for Treatment," by Rima E. Laibow; and "Collection and Current Status of EAT Reports Involving UFOs," by Joe Nyman. Part B is on Paradigmatic Transformation: Reported UFO Encounters as a Paradigm to Evaluate the Reality of Event Level Status, and consists of four papers: "Physiological and Radiation Effects From Intense Luminous Unidentified Objects," by Richard C. Niemtzow; "Are UFOs Real? Evidence in the Physics," by Bruce Maccabee; "Physical Analysis of Purported Alien Artifacts," by David E. Pritchard; and "Radiation-Like Effects in Experienced Anomalous Trauma," by John F. Schuessler. The final section is on clinical Intervention and Approaches to Treatment. There are six papers: "Psychophysical and Psychodynamic Components of EAT," by Rima E. Laibow; "Developmental Impairments in Childhood EAT," by C. Shaffia Laue; "Psychotherapy With Anomalous Experiences," by Robert N. Sollod; "Uses of Hypnosis in Experienced Anomalous Trauma: Uses of Ideomotor Search Methods," by David B. Cheek; "Traumatic Correlates of Profound Spiritual Awakening Experienced in the Kundalini Process," by Bonnie Greenwell; and "Reflections on the Study of Anomalous Trauma," by Michael D. Swords. In addition, there is an appendix entitled "Clinicians’ Diagnostic Survey: PTSD-Like Aftermaths of Unusual Experiences." It consists of the survey instrument used to poll nearly 7,500 clinicians to "assess the interface between persons reporting anomalous experiences and the care-giving professions." In effect, this is also a survey of many types of EHEs, and we eagerly await the results! Although there is only space to list the papers here, they, and the Appendix, will be abstracted in the ongoing annotated EHE Counseling Bibliography in EHE News, which is published between issues of Exceptional Human Experience.
Publisher Information:Dobbs Ferry, NY: Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma, 1992. 320p. Chap. bibl; 6 figs; 1 questionnaire; 15 tables
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